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All Items : Estate Jewelry : Cufflinks and Accessories : Gold : Pre 1960 item #1279220
Kensington House Antiques
An classic pair of French 18K yellow gold baton cufflinks with a most unusual mechanical snap mechanism. The batons have reeded surfaces with plain inset bands at either end. When one of the plain bands is pushed in, a hidden spring mechanism releases the face from its mate. Snap cufflinks were uncommon in France, and this is the first pair we've seen combining the snap with a mechanical action. The cufflinks bear French gold hallmarks and are stamped with an unidentified goldsmith's mark.

Origin: France, ca. 1955. Condition: excellent. Dimensions: batons, 29/32" long. Weight: 14.5 gr.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1343592
Kensington House Antiques
A stunning pair of Victorian 14K gold, onyx and pearl earrings fashioned as onyx leaves or teardrops with gold and pearl lily-of-the-valley appliques. The scrolled surmounts are also accented with seed pearls. The pearls have nice luster and iridescence. The earrings have a lot of movement when being worn The wires are likely a later replacement and are marked “14K.

Origin: America, ca. 1870. Condition: excellent, no chips or cracks. Dimensions: 19/32” wide x 1-3/4” long (to top of wire). Weight: 7.5 gr.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1352631
Kensington House Antiques
An elegant 18K yellow gold, Akoya pearl and diamond heart ring by Mikimoto. The diamond-studded heart is centered with a cluster of three 4.3-4.5mm pearls, graded as extra-fine AAA—the highest possible quality rating. They have fine luster and white body color with rosé overtones. The diamonds are E/VVS. The interior of the shank is stamped with Mikimoto's hallmark.

The ring is accompanied by a 2006 written Bailey, Banks & Biddle appraisal for $2150.

Origin: Japan, ca. 1990. Condition: excellent. Finger Size: 6-3/4. Dimensions: heart, 5/8" x 1/2". Weight: gr. Approximate Total Diamond Weight: .20 ct.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Modernism : Pre 1950 item #1366832
Kensington House Antiques
A striking modernist 14K yellow gold link bracelet, with enlaced circular and oval links. The interplay of shapes creates a very chic look. It can be worn alone or with a collection of charms. The reverse is stamped for 14K gold and has an indistinct maker's mark.

Origin: America, ca 1940. Condition: excellent. Dimensions: 7-3/4" long; 5/8" wide. Weight: 25.2 grams.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1980 item #1413048
Kensington House Antiques
A lovely and weighty vintage 18K yellow gold oval locket, the front cover enhanced with a finely-worked net motif studded with nearly a half-carat small round brilliant cut diamonds in a résille (net) pattern. The diamonds offer a nice bit of glitter without being overwhelming. The back of the locket is stamped with the maker’s mark and English 18K hallmarks.
  • Origin: England, 1974-99
  • Condition: excellent, no dings or monograms
  • Dimensions: 15/16” x 1-3/16” excluding bail
  • Approximate Total Diamond Weight: .50 carat
  • Weight: 15.1 grams.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1069775
Kensington House Antiques
A lovely 14K yellow gold 5mm cable twist bracelet with a gem-set station from the “Renaissance” collection by David Yurman. The square station features a square step-cut rhodolite garnet flanked with cabochon emeralds at the top and bottom. This design is one of the earlier pieces from the Renaissance collection, and is no longer in production. The original retail price was $2,250. The open cuff is flexible and can be spread to fit nearly any size wrist. The interior of the bangle is signed “D. Yurman 14K”.

Origin: America. Size: 5mm diameter. Weight: 14.3 grams. Approximate Total Gemstone Weight: garnet, .79 ct; emerald, .26 ct.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1080128
Kensington House Antiques
An extraordinarily fine Victorian 14K yellow gold and enamel pocket watch chain in the Aesthetic style. The heavy chain comprises ribbed open links joined by doubly-interlocking textured open links. Near each end, the chain is set with a shell-motif bead accented with opaque black taille d’epargne enamel. The original t-bar is heavily decorated with acanthus leaves and geometric motifs typical of the Aesthetic era, all enhanced with enamel. At 15-1/4” long, the chain is just long enough to be worn about the neck as a short necklace or doubled twice at the wrist as a bracelet. And of course, it can still be used with a pocket watch and fob. Tested and guaranteed 14K.

Origin: America, ca. 1870. Condition: excellent, all original, enamel intact. Size: 15-1/4” long. Weight: 27.0 gr.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Cufflinks and Accessories : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1204970
Kensington House Antiques
A very handsome pair of 14K yellow gold cufflinks in a strongly linear, architectural style. The faces are set at one end with iolites cut as sugarloaf cabochons and at the other with bluish-violet chalcedonies cut as triangular cabochons. The use of transparent, intense bluish-violet iolites with softer translucent chalcedonies in the same color family is an inspired choice and really sets these cufflinks apart. The faces are connected by solid bridges to hinged backs. Tested and guaranteed 14K.

Ca. 1980. Condition: excellent, all original. Size: 7/8" x 1/2". Weight: 16.7 grams. Approximate Total Gemstone Weight: iolite, .38 carat; chalcedony 1.14 carats.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1910 item #1361344
Kensington House Antiques
A very nice 14K yellow gold man's ring set with a rectangular carnelian plaque with canted corners. The gold surfaces are entirely covered with an hand-engraved foliate design. The gemstones in rings of this type were sometimes engraved with the owner's coat of arms, but this example has never been engraved. The stone's color and the overall impressive size of the ring make this a particularly nice example. The interior is marked 585.

Ca. 1900. Condition: excellent, sharp details. Dimensions: 3/4" wide at crown, tapering to 1/4" at the back of the shank. Finger Size: 9. Weight: 17.4 gr.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Retro : Pre 1940 item #1378900
Kensington House Antiques
A striking Retro floral pendant worked in 18K yellow and rose gold and platinum, set with diamonds, amethysts and synthetic rubies. The pendant is designed as a large flower blossom with diamond encrusted petals surrounded ruby stamens. A spike of purple flowers is suggested by the oval brilliant cut amethysts to one side. The gemstones are of good quality with strongly saturated coloring and good clarity. The rubies are synthetic as is expected of pieces from the Retro period. The use of platinum suggests that the pendant falls toward the beginning of the Retro period, in the late 1930s. The pendant was originally a brooch. The pin has been removed and a 14K gold bail added. The clasp is hinged, so that the pendant can be worn from a thick gold chain or a strand of pearls. Marked 18K.
  • Origin: America, ca. 1938
  • Excellent condition
  • Dimensions (excluding bail): 1-5/8 x 1-15/16 in (41 x 50 mm)
  • Weight: 14.0 grams
  • Approximate Total Gemstone Weight: diamond, .83 carat ruby, .60 carat; amethyst, 2.40 carats
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1380827
Kensington House Antiques
A classic Victorian double belcher chain link necklace composed of interlocking double links in 14K gold. Substantial enough to be worn alone or suspending a large pendant or locket, the chain can also be worn wrapped three to four times around the wrist as a bracelet. The links are also open enough that the chain can suspend multiple smaller pendants or charms. Tested and guaranteed 14K gold.
  • Origin: America, ca. 1890.
  • Dimensions: 28” long.
  • Weight: 18.2 grams.
  • Condition: excellent, no repairs.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Edwardian : Pre 1910 item #1385237
Kensington House Antiques
A handsome pheasant struts his stuff in this expertly-carved and painted Essex reverse crystal set in 14K yellow gold. The bird is presented against a landscape subtly-colored foliage and mounted on a rail fence setting. Animal jewelry featuring crystals as large as this are increasingly difficult to find. The clasp is marked “14K.”
  • Origin: America, ca. 1910.
  • Condition: excellent; all original; no water damage.
  • Dimensions: 2-1/4” x 1”.
  • Weight: 15.6 grams.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Modernism : Pre 1960 item #1408343
Kensington House Antiques
A large pair of 18K yellow gold Sputnik earrings by H Stern. The domes are bezel-set with round amethysts, citrines, aquamarines, peridots, green tourmalines, pink tourmalines and garnets. The Sputnik design was created in the 1950’s to highlight the range of colored gemstones available from Stern’s Brazilian mines. It later came to be called “Sputnik” for its resemblance to the spiky Soviet satellite launched in 1957. Each piece has a unique appearance depending on the specific colors of the stones and their arrangement.These earrings have particularly intense jewel tones. Tested and guaranteed 18K.
  • Brazil, ca 1955.
  • Condition: original clips were removed and replaced with 14K posts
  • 15/16" diameter
  • Approximate Total Gemstone Weight: 14.44 carats
  • 10.2 grams.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Organics : Wood : Pre 1900 item #540007
Kensington House Antiques
A wonderful late Victorian tea caddy in the form of a miniature William IV style double-pedestal sideboard with a scallop shell backsplash. The lid lifts to reveal three small compartments for storing caddy spoons and other implements. The two outer compartments have removable pegs that allow the fronts of each of the pedestals to be removed, revealing two drawers for the storage of tea. The center area between the pedestals would have been used to store a crystal mixing bowl. The front of each pedestal has tombstone inlays in bird’s-eye maple, while the sides are decorated with a diamond pattern of rosewood and maple. The hinged top is edged with holly or sycamore stringing. Figural tea caddies and miniature furnishings are quite rare and desirable.

Origin: England, ca. 1870. Condition: some warping to the hinged lid, a 2-1/2” x 1/2" area of missing veneer on the front edge of the right pedestal (not very visible because the mahogany veneer is set over the mahogany carcass), the scalloped backsplash has split and has been secured with old nails, the teeth of the brass lock are missing. Size: 14-7/8” wide; 11-1/4” high; 6” deep.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1385524
Kensington House Antiques
This substantial Victorian 14K gold chain can be worn alone as a statement piece or be used to suspend a heavy locket or pendant. Each link is reeded to add extra texture and shine. The links are open so the chain can be used to suspend a series of charms, if desired. The chain is completed with a spring ring clasp. The clasp is marked "14K" and the chain is tested and guaranteed 14K, as well.
  • America, ca. 1880.
  • Excellent condition.
  • 22 3/4" long.
  • 16.4 grams.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Folk Art : Pre 1900 item #684935
Kensington House Antiques
An amazing whimsical game board reverse painted on glass. The checkerboard design is worked in bright shades of lime green and burgundy, the individual squares outlined with borders painted in orange, red, lavender ocher and gray. The board is decorated with ornate flourishes at each corner bearing the names “Agnes”, “Edd”, “Beulah” and “Mother”. The outer edge is painted in burgundy. The overall appearance is very graphic and reminds us of a good patchwork quilt. The glass retains its original heavy wood frame highlighted with gilding. The backboard is original and the glass appears never to have been out of its frame. The piece could be hung on a wall or custom-fitted with a stand for use as a table.

Origin: America, ca. 1870. Condition: excellent, superficial scratches to the glass surface and wear to the finish of the frame from use as a game board, no paint loss. Size: 20-3/4” x 20-3/4”.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #817211
Kensington House Antiques
A wonderful and extremely rare Victorian 15K rose gold brooch set with Scottish agate. The brooch is in the form of the 19th century Prince of Wales’ crown enclosing the traditional feathers in fleur-de-lys arrangement, over a banner with the legend “Ich Dien”. The feathers are set with jasper and bloodstone. The engraved decoration of the gold is first-rate. The back bears a registry mark, dating the brooch to 1891. In 1891, Queen Victoria’s eldest son, the future Edward VII, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his investitute as Prince of Wales. Due to his mother’s longevity, however, Edward was the first Prince of Wales to reach that mark. Agate jewelry set in gold is quite uncommon, and this is the only example we’ve found of this particular design. Tested and guaranteed 15K.

Origin: England, 1891. Condition: excellent, all original. Size: 1-5/16” x 1-1/4”. Weight: 6.0 grams.

All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1900 item #828468
Kensington House Antiques
A fine, large bronze animalier sculpture by Ferdinand Pautrot (1832-74). The figure represents a pair of pheasants, one perched on a gnarled barren branch while the other appears to strut along the ground. The body position of the lower bird gives the composition a great deal of movement that is often missing in classical animalier bronzes. The ground is covered in long grass that is somewhat less common than Pautrot's more characteristic rocky ground. Along with Mène and Moigniez, Pautrot was considered the be France's finest sculptor of animal figures. He first successfully participated in the Paris Salon of 1861 (three entries) and continued to exhibit until 1870. The details of the feathers are stunning and absolutely realistic in appearance. The ground is signed "F. Pautrot". The figure retains its original medium brown patina with light gilt touches.

Origin: France, ca. 1865. Condition: excellent, original patina, built-up dust that could be cleaned if desired. Size: 7-1/2" x 3-1/2 x 9-1/4" tall.

Artist References: Benezit, "Dictionnaire des Peintres et Sculpteurs"; Lami, "Dictionnaire de Sculpteurs de l'ecole Francaise"; Kjellberg, "Bronzes of the 19th Century"; Savage, "A Concise History of Bronzes"; Payne, "Animals in Bronze"; Horswell, "Les Animaliers"; and Mackay, "Les Animaliers".