Kensington House Antiques and Sterling Silver Kensington House
Victorian 14K Gold, Diamond, Sapphire & Pearl Cross Crucifix Pendant
French Art Nouveau 18K Gold, Diamond & Carved Hardstone Orchid Brooch
Art Nouveau Gilt Silver Hunting Dogs Pendant
Art Nouveau Mardi Gras COMUS 14K Gold & Enamel Pin
Art Nouveau Diamond & Enamel Violet Honeymoon Pin by Larter
Art Nouveau Enameled Pansy & Pearl Pin
French 18K Gold, Sapphire & Enamel Conversion Ring
Vintage Fred of Paris 18K Gold 420 Class Sailboat Brooch / Pendant
Pampillonia 18K Gold Diamond Horse & Jockey Brooch
Edwardian 18K Gold, Champleve Enamel & Sapphire Cufflinks
Victorian 18K Gold, Diamond & Emerald Lion Locket
Art Nouveau 14K Gold, Enamel & Amethyst Pin by Krementz
Art Nouveau 14K Gold, Enamel & Aquamarine Pin by Krementz
Victorian 14K Gold & Garnet Cabochon Conversion Ring
14K Gold & Diamond Maze Meditation Conversion Ring
Vintage French 18K Gold, Carnelian, Ruby & Emerald Poodle Pin
Vintage 14K Gold, Diamond & Ruby Begging Poodle Brooch
Art Nouveau 14K Gold & Enamel Orchid Blossom Circle Pin